Another Monday, another post from SuperBori and once again, I’m writing this last minute. Only this time, I know what I want to write about and it sure ain’t about Val’s… sorry!!

Today, I’ll like to dwell on the development in the Nigerian music video scene. I mean, who has so easily forgotten the days when music videos were made with the sole aim of ruining your mood? When all that was needed for a video shoot was a camcorder, a white/black/red/blue/yellowish-greenish/Atlantic Ocean background, a girl, whose only idea of dancing is to shake her behind and of course, the artist, who shows up either forgetting to play dress-up or overdressed, thus becoming an American gangster in Lagos?

 I very well remember some particular videos but for the love of my life and career, I have decided to be a patient of Alzheimer’s this morning.

A wind of change has definitely blown through the industry and today, Nigerian music videos (well, not all) can stand toe-to-toe with videos from anywhere in the world. With artistes like BankyW, D’banj, Tiwa Savage, NaetoC, Eldee tha don, Sasha P and a host of others painstakingly ensuring they bless our eyes with spectacular offerings.

In as much as these artistes are willing to invest in placing Nigerian music videos on the world map, kudos must go out to the Music video directors that help them achieve these dreams.

Big SHOUT OUT to -

- DJ Tee, who I believe gave me my first ever good video which was Ruggedman’s ‘Baraje’.

- Clarence Peters – this guy is just plain genius, doing so much with so little.

- Kemi Adetiba – I call her Miss Professionalism. Her knack for perfection can literally be seen in her works.

- Patrick Elis – the young man behind that superlative video for ‘Holla at You Boy’ by Wizkid. I see him going places.

- Jude Okoye, Bobby Boulders and Sesan. 

If I missed out your name, well, I’m sorry, but this post is getting too long.

Thanks for hanging with me. I’ll leave you with the latest D’banj offering – Mr Endowed (remix) ft Oluwasnoop BabaAja. (Though Sesan will still have to prove to me he directed this).

Happy Vals Day y’all 

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Remain FAB.


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