UK grime and hip hop artist Stormzy cover the 12th edition of Ian Rankin’s Hunger magazine, chosen by the publication as a star who has something to say, making a positive change in their field and doing things their own way.

Stormzy, the new king of British music, has carved out a career completely on his own terms and is on track to take his UK stardom global, and in a ten-page interview special Rankin shoots the music prodigy in a gilded London mansion.

The 23-year-old was in the news this week as he put NME magazine on blast for putting him on the cover of this week’s edition of the magazine, with the coverline “Depression: It’s time to talk.” The grime star accused it on Twitter of using him as “a poster boy for such a sensitive issue without permission”.

The artist, who had discussed his own issues with Channel 4 in an interview earlier this month, called the magazine’s staff  “a bunch of real life fucking pussyholes. Proper dickheads.” He added: “The reason I’m so angry is because NME have been begging me to be on their cover. I have refused. Then they do this … They see me talking bout my journey with depression and think yeah we’ve got him now.”

When NME editor Mike Williams responded via Twitter, telling Stormzy the magazine is given away free and was not trying to shift copies, but raise an important issue, Stormzy responded dismissively: “DEAD. You’re NOT a non-profit organisation. The more copies you dish out the more you charge for advertising. You will make money from this.”

Joining Stormzy for Hunger’s second cover is fashion’s new muse, the fiercely unique Anna Cleveland who is trailblazing a new path in the fashion industry.

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