Africa’s two largest film industries Nigeria and South Africa are finally waking up to the fact that co-operation in the multi-billion black segment of the global film industry is vital to the economies of both countries. Considering the decades of integration that has already taken place between the two countries in the areas of music, telecoms, media and Hotels & Leisure to name a few, many experts are wondering why it’s taken this long for the two principal African economies to recognise the huge benefits of co-operation in film.


The adequately named South Africa/Nigeria Film Summit finally took up the challenge in the beautiful city of Durban, South Africa. Initiated by Jackie Motsepe of the Kwazulu-Natal Film Commission, Mahmood Ali-Balogun Head of the Nigerian delegation and UK based Distributors Talking Drum Entertainment who brought a global perspective to the event.

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The five day event had several experts giving presentations in the areas of Co-production, Film Finance, Distribution and Exhibition which were followed by networking, project pitching opportunities and a tour of KwaZulu-Natal province to familiarise delegates with what the area has to offer as a film location. Jackie Motospe said “This Summit is significant in that South Africa and Nigeria must take the opportunity to find ways of working together and there were concrete projects being discussed as an outcome of this event. We certainly look forward to the year ahead and seeing these projects being produced and distributed through the resources, markets and channels that exist in the two countries”.

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Mahmood Ali-Balogun Head of the Nigerian Delegation said “The Nigeria and South Africa film industries have huge scope with a commonality in the exposition of their various cultural values and lifestyles. I believe the co-operation will serve as a linchpin for other initiatives between the two countries and further co-operation within the continent.”
The conference ended with a resolution that the South African and Nigerian film industries will work together in the development and production of content, official co-production of content, distribution of content and the financing of content.

Follow up summits are scheduled for the Durban International Film Festival in July and the Africa International Film Festival in November 2105.

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