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Somewhereto_ Presents “A Day With Fred Butler”, A Short Film Highlighting Opportunities Available To Young People Through A Location Finding Service

somewhereto_ teamed up with Fred Butler this summer to be an industry mentor for the summer of somewhereto_ festival where the designer donated her free time to do workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring with aspiring artist and designer Kay Davis and Shireeka Devlin.

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Fred Butler is a respected fashion designer and creative consultant who brings her imitable style and unique brand to her collections and projects. Having pieces commissioned for the likes of Lady Gaga, Nike, Swatch and Selfridges just to name a few, she is an inspiration to emerging young designers who are looking for a creative outlet.

somewhereto_ is a UK wide project delivered by Livity and funded by a £7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund to support its UK wide expansion to 2016.

somewhereto_ is a free nationwide location finding service, which helps 16-25 year olds, access free spaces in their communities. Whether young people are interested in music, fashion, art, tech, starting an enterprise or participating in urban sport, somewhereto_ is an incredible opportunity which allows young people the freedom to realise their potential, kick start ideas, sell their products or services, showcase creative concepts and boost their skills.

Watch the video below:

About somewhereto_ ( http://www.somewhereto.com)

somewhereto_ is a UK project funded by a £7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund, which offers a free nationwide service in helping young people aged 16-25 access free spaces in their communities. Since launching in June 2010, somewhereto_ has unlocked over 400,000 sqft of space across the UK which was previously empty or underused, which if leveraged, the rent value would exceed £3m. Engaging thousands of young people and reaching millions through high-profile activity around space, somewhereto_ has negotiated over 8,500 direct matches between space holders and young people. Delivered by Livity, a youth marketing agency, somewhereto_ is a 2012 London legacy project, initially funded by Legacy Trust UK (LTUK) between June 2010 and March 2013 with an investment of £4.35m. In 2012, Nesta awarded somewhereto_ £50,000 from their innovation into Giving Fund, enabling somewhereto_ to enhance its online user experience and streamline its digital offer. And in December 2012, somewhereto_ was awarded further funding by the Big Lottery Fund to help support its expansion over the next four years.

About The Big Lottery Fund (BIG) ( http://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk)

somewhereto_ is funded by a £7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund (BIG), granted in December 2012 to support its UK-wide expansion over the following four years – opening up thousands more spaces; engaging hundreds of thousands of young people; introducing a path to endorsement, to recognise the skills and training gained by young people involved; and supporting youth enterprise UK wide.


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