So real talk, a promiscuous girl is called a slut or ‘easy’ right? Whereas a promiscuous guy normally has his naughty ways laughed off or praised.

Now that we have clocked into 2011 you’d think times would have changed and it would be this way for both parties. If you like sex, you like sex; that should be the end of it. But no, I still believe this is not the case.

As long as you’re not hurting anyone why does it matter how many people someone has slept or is sleeping with? Upon my usual chat with the lads as to why this is so, what I have concluded is:

Sleeping around and knocking up the notches on the bedpost is much easier for women, if we’re honest. For some men, and I’m not talking the expert charmers and ultra good looking guys with bags of confidence. They tend to make it obvious it’s not hard for them to get women, but for most it can be challenging to rack up partners. Even for men with low standards. It requires a certain amount of social intelligence, thick skin for the inevitable occasional knock back, sometimes a lot of persistence and depending on where said lady is met, a bit of money spent. And NO I’m not talking paying for sex – naughty you- that’s a different story. Though I don’t judge prostitutes either – I’d like to think I’m a very non-judgmental person. 

A lot of people sleep with someone after a night full of Sambucas and wake up to a massive hangover, major regret and an empty wallet. Prostitutes wake up to at least a bulging purse. I’m not saying it’s good, and I wouldn’t sleep with someone for money, but I have no qualms about someone that does so. I originally just meant dinner and date activities or at least the ice-breaker drink at a nightclub. For women to rack up a lot of partners, it pretty much only requires her lady lumps and a pulse.

So for this reason, according to my guy mates, a man sleeping around and a woman sleeping around are hardly the same, as for us women to get a lot of partners, there is basically no challenge, hence no one respects it. When men get lots of sex partners, it’s respected more because getting lots of sex partners, for some, is a challenge.

I’m told it’s human nature: people gain respect for those who accomplish challenging feats while they consider those who overindulge in easily obtained vices as weak or flawed. Well, a sexual active, healthy, happy woman is not weak because she likes to enjoy sex with whom she wants and when she wants, and us women are just as bad as rubbishing another girl’s name with the label ‘slag’ through hate, jealousy or – more often than not with men and their cheating ways – an actual reason to do so. I can feel another argument coming on with that comment.., Just me?

Anyway, one of my male pals thinks that nowadays most guys don’t really care about a woman’s promiscuity, as long as the number isn’t higher or TOO much higher than theirs. Which I’m not too sure about after one of the guys said double figures is too many. Another said if it was more than five, he’d think she was easy and another stated if a girl had done ‘dirty things’ sexually, then she definitely wasn’t ‘wifey material’ – more a slag… Jeeez are us girls ever gonna get a break when it comes to this subject?

In my opinion, it should matter how many people or whom someone chooses have to sexual relations with. As long as that person is not relating with the same person as me (without my knowing 😉 ha just jokes if you got that!) or hurting someone close to me with their actions, then bed away!

And at the end of the day, Men and Women BOTH enjoy sex and do it. Get over it.

Keep it FAB as always, people… until next week. who knows what I’m going to be randomly talking about?!

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  1. Chic Therapy

    Bollocks i tell ya!Freaking double standard!

    "And at the end of the day, Men and Women BOTH enjoy sex and do it"… you took the words right out of my mouth.This is what i always tell the gender biased human beings i have this type of convo with.


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