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Singer, Estelle, Debuts New Box Braids Hairstyle


Songstress Estelle debuted a new braided hairstyle during a visit to Music Choice yesterday on August 28, 2014 in New York City and we have to say we love the new look on her.

Choosing the simple and reliable black colour for her box braids, Estelle also chose to let the hair down instead of doing it in any of the styles YouTube channels preach. She kept her styling simple, letting the thick, black plaits cascade down her back.

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For her outfit Estelle also went simple as she chose a yellow blouse over a denim skirt. Her shoes however stood out with their leopard spots print. For her beauty look the songstress went easy with nude eyes and a soft pink lipstick shade.


Are you feeling her new look? You can head over to her Instagram page to see more ways she has rocked her new look.


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