Abercrombiesays2Sex may still sell, but no longer at US fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. Decline in sales have led the retailer to decide to ditch shirtless in-store models with perfect six packs it was once famed for.

With a series of new policies designed to help redefine it’s A&F image, the former “appearance and sense of style” hiring policy is also ditched which means store personnel will no longer be hired based on their body type, and in-store models will be referred to as ‘brand representatives.’ This also means that the controversial “Look Policy” will be no more and store employees will be able to wear eyeliner, French-tip manicures, hair-styling products and moustaches to work.


With the changes to be implemented by July, we will have to say goodbye to the shirtless honed and toned hunks who greet the shoppers at store entrances. While we applaud the end of a discriminatory era at the retailer, we are sad to see the hunks go.

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