With a colourful musical career so far including working with Gary Barlow and their label Epic (part of Sony) following the release of their first single ‘Street Love’, Rough Copy return with their first official single in a year ‘Same Formula’. Originally an underground phenomenon, the group were catapulted into public view via The X Factor, gaining a huge fan base that remains to this day. The boys are back with a clear manifesto; to bring the true sound of RnB back to the UK. First in a series of new releases is this RnB classic in the making ‘Same Formula’.

Often described as the ‘UK Jodeci’ (a US RnB act enjoying a renaissance right now), their passion for the genre is clear to see and no surprise they have been asked to support to such heavyweights of the scene as US mega star Omarion and UK legends Damage on their up-coming UK tour.  Multi-faceted artists, Rough Copy have been firm favourites on the UK fashion circuit and featured at various events during London Fashion Week 2014 and 2015 (ASOS and Hemsley). The boys also work closely with the Diana Award in mentoring young people and are committed to giving back to their local community in South London.


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