Last week, Scott Disick checked into rehab following an embarrassing incident at an Atlantic City hotel, but his stint didn’t last long at all. Scott was found drunk and barefoot, wandering the lobby of the Harrah’s Resort at 8 am, Sunday morning, causing him to miss his flight from Chicago.The incident made Scott realize the severity of his drinking problem, and just days later, he booked a room at the Rhythmia Life Advancement Center – a non-traditional addiction treatment facility in Costa Rica.


The center specializes in Iboga therapy, in which patients consume all-natural hallucinogens and go on supervised “trips” that are intended to help them overcome their addictions. However, it looks as though even such an unusual treatment method couldn’t keep Scott’s attention, as TMZ is reporting that Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy will be back in LA on Monday.

Disick has a long history of bailing on rehab, and he once ditched a Malibu treatment center after just 12 hours of in-patient care. His latest brief stint came last summer after Scott was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Disick admits that he could’ve died from the incident and it inspired him to seek help, but he lasted just one day in rehab.

He may be heading home but we’re sure Kourtney, the mother  of his three kids will have none of it.

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