Salomon Kalou better known as Chelsea’s secret weapon gets naked and tells us all about sex, football and his life in Cosmopolitan’s June issue.

Kalou born 5th August 1985 is repping the Ivory Coast strong as he will never forget his roots. Playing as a striker for Premier League team Chelsea since May 2006 Salomon Kalou has never really been seen as a sex symbol but purely for having a great right foot. When Cosmo hits the shelves in June I can see this all changing as he strips down and bears all for their lovely readers. The shoot is about raising awareness for Male Cancer as this seems to be quite a taboo subject.

Here at FAB we like to give our reads exclusive stories only so here is a snippet of the interview and I’ve thrown in a sneak pic just for good luck. (Ladies I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did).

“I’m a good boy – no sex the day before a match. If I had to choose which was better, football or sex, I’d say football. It’s 90 minutes of pure pleasure and I can’t always say that about sex. But it depends on the fixture and the score! I guess more men have seen me naked than women. I’ve never been naked in a changing room with 10 women getting changed or showered at the same time as me”

Read the full interview in COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE out in June!

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    BRAP!!!!!!! loving it large!… I hope he is large too 😉


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