If you will not be as meek as Job because of the sacrifice it entails, can you at least be as meek as Joseph; because of the rewards it attracts?


Medieval writers like Augustine and Aquinas acknowledged that states have to protect order and keep citizens safe, should states commit immoral acts to attain law and order?


For many years, demographers have warned that unmarried, sexually frustrated men in countries with severe gender imbalances may cause violence and instability. Isn’t this becoming the norm?


Much ado about Ponmo (hide and skin)? But how dare they think of banning the meat opium of the Nigerian people?


What’s the role of greed in international politics today?


Can you see a Linsay Lohan in Miley Cyrus?


We know that Ray J’s musical career is non-existent. But as Kanye West noted some months ago; is it true that Ray J is Brandy’s younger sister? If true, when did he become a lady?


How come almost all the Usain Bolt running-like traffic jam hawkers in South Western and the South-South of Nigeria, all hail from Ebonyi State?


Is it true that when you have a friend in the Nigerian Government, your dreams would likely come true? True or false?


A Ugandan TV station was closed by the Ugandan Government for showing pictures of President Yoweri Museveni snoozing. The Government stated-he was meditating! Is the President now practising yoga?


Did you know that Twitter users write enough words and sentences to fill up a novel the size of War and Peace every 5 seconds?


Imagine if Oscar Pistorius had gunned down his black girlfriend; would the outcome have been ugly? Would a trial in South Africa have been all but impossible?

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