A Nigerian pentecostal church

Africans nay Nigerians including religious people are infatuated with titles but isn’t it your relationship with God; not your titles that matter with God?


With the free-flow of politicians transferring in Nigeria; isn’t it time the political parties become PDPFC and APCFC?


The Kremlin attracts about 1million tourists every 3 months to view its history. When would Nigeria’s historical monuments be portrayed as tourist attractions by the relevant tourism bodies?


How come the Nigerian government responds to any strike by petrol tankers, labour union or security agencies but look at the medical and educational strikers with disdain?


Several months ago, P-Square lectured the new recruits of Central Bank of Nigeria. On what exactly?


You be the judge. Are there role models in the entertainment industry?

osu and candy

With God nothing is impossible. Like someone asked, can Beverly Osu and Afro Candy become nuns?


From Old Boy Bode Georgey to Depri Alams and Duchess Stella. Isn’t a society known by what they punish and what they reward?


Shouldn’t Nigerians imbibe the culture of rising to a good cause and not assuming that someone somewhere would make a change?


Did you know that most people depart this earth with their dreams and desires unfulfilled? Hope you are doing something about your dreams and desires?


Nigerian artistes are on a bragging brawl. Investing in Bentleys and Porsches. Is this trend a wise investment or rather; where is the financial intelligence in this?


Heard of Paris Hilton lately? Some months ago, she dabbled into the art of DJaying in Spain. Definitely, the Hilton heiress can’t be bothered with the salary. What other expensive hobby, would she dabble into?


Did you know that Twitter users took 3 years, 2 months and a day to post the 1st billion Tweets. And that they now do it every 30 hours? If you aren’t tweeting; what are you waiting for?


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