Did you know that your spiritual maturity can be measured by how much love, peace and unity your presence brings wherever you are?


Brilliant policies but cluelessness in implementation! Isn’t this synonymous with; and the bane of several developing countries especially in Africa?


Did you know that the equivalent of Tour de France- the biggest bicycle race in Europe is Tour de Rwanda which is Africa’s biggest bicycle tour?


Since anybody and somebody including Nollywood seem to take their irrelevant issues and ramblings to Twitter. Isn’t Twitter the new court of law?


Ice Bucket Challenge-what is the rationale for wasting clean water as a challenge to raising money? And why did any Nigerian personality partake in this challenge and for what cause?


Just out of curiosity, have you ever seen an albino in the Nigerian army or any African army?


Isn’t the Westernization of Nigerian airwaves (radio and television) alarming?


Isn’t it apparent to you that we as Nigerians are trying very hard to eradicate our own culture; not on foreign lands but on our own land?


How can or would Nigerians get involved with their representatives; when majority of them aren’t even on social media?

nigeria teacher

Isn’t it a recipe for unprecedented educational decline when Nigerian teachers aren’t literate enough to educate their IT savvy students?


How can a teacher struggling to operate a laptop; tutor a primary school student who is IT savvy?


PHCN or NEPA? Isn’t it obvious that Nigeria’s Power Agency doesn’t need any form of advert to sell electricity? And that the only advert they need is to “take off your light”?

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