Did you know that service gives you rewards in Heaven while righteous living ensures you make it to Heaven?


Did you know that according to CCN Travel; Leopard Beach Resort in Diani Beach, Mombasa is perhaps the best resort on the African Continent?


Did you know that Esther Mbabazi of RwandAir is the youngest female pilot flying Boeing Planes in Africa?


Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are 2 of the top 3 wealthiest people alive. But they don’t own private jets. Can Nigerian moneybags learn from these real billionaires?


What was and is still more shocking; that Manchester United lost her first match this season or that Nuhu Ribadu decamped to PDP?


Could it be possible that Nuhu Ribadu decampment has just coined the new phrase #NuhuGate?


What happened to Nuhu Ribadu’s tweets of Wednesday, April 9, 2014; where he tweeted that his decampment to PDP was unfounded?


Do Nigerian politicians realise that a leader’s values are personal but never private?

Internet Highway

What is the state of the government of Nigeria’s preparedness to safeguard her cyber space?


Isn’t it prudently wise to recruit and train Nigerian hackers on ethical hacking; to protect government’s sites which can be hacked by any IT novice?


Why do African government officials love displaying statistics but simultaneously wonder why such statistics aren’t reflecting in the lives of the populace?


When would Nigerian politicians and their politics deviate from the N500 currency notes placed in loaves of bread and handed to illiterate voters in rural and urban areas?


When would Nigerian politicians realise that the women who they still think are illiterate and can be cowed with loaves of bread stocked with 500Naira, now have and take large food preserving coolers to polling centres?


In Nigeria, can a Divisional Police Officer arrest a group of serving governors just because they were having a strategic gathering?


Did you know that the decrease in the funding of education and the decline in the global reading culture are necessitated, so that the global ruling class keep information; thereby eliminating competition?


Did you know that there are thousands of non-English books not translated, known or read by English speakers including you?


Before the Brasil World Cup commenced; It was reported that $800,000 was about to be budgeted for 10 Nigerian celebrities to travel to the World Cup in Brazil to cheer the Super Eagles! Would this have brought the World Cup to Nigeria?


Just been curious, where are the Rolls Royces of all those artistes who decided to have theirs some years ago?

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