Nope, people, not Kate Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but Pippa Phillipa, her sister and maid-of-honour on the big day, suddenly the 27-year-old brunette beauty clad in an unfussy Sarah Burton bridesmaid’s dress has been promoted from Waity Katie’s sister’s to one of the world’s most eligible bachelorettes who has sent Twitter into a frenzy with 67 tweets per second and inspired more than one Facebook pages devoted to her backside and even caught to wandering eye of one Prince Harry Wales.

Sadly, gents, Pippa is very much spoken for and is likely to be the next to wed – to her City broker boyfriend Alex Loudon – if she does not run off with Harry that is…

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  1. Suby

    I guess this post is dedicate to all the men who vist the blog lol.

  2. Miss O

    hahaha.. you obviously liked Suby :p.. Think Pippa looks great.. Loving the white Alexander dress from behind!

    • Sinem

      Aah! So you’re an ‘ass girl’!

      I know right? Suby’s vying with Prince Harry for the number one spot in Pippa Appreciation Society :)

  3. Nogo

    Lol Suby!
    She did look great though. A friend of mine thought her dress was better than Kate’s! Why is she even called Kate if her name is Catherine…? Anywho never mind me.
    She did look good with Harry though, didn’t know she was getting married!

    • Sinem

      I think people still call her Kate as a form of endearment even though she is now officially Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.

      I know, Harry and she would have made a fun couple methinks. :)


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