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Award-winning Nigerian producer, Don Jazzy  recently shared a photo from a recent studio session he had with  Roc Nation hip hop act, Jay Electronica with the tweet below.


Born Timothy Elpadaro Thedford, Jay Electronica, is a recording rap artist and producer from New Orleans. His first mileage was at  the release of his 2007 song, “The Pledge”. In November 2010, he signed a deal with hip hop mogul, Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation.


Jay Electronica is on his first ever visit to Nigeria and even  got interviewed by Lagos radio station The Beat 99.9 Fm in a program called The Morning Rush yesterday.


There he  talked about visiting the country to “reconnect with [his] black family.” During the radio interview, Jay Electronica mentioned  Fela Kuti as one of the Nigerian icons he grew up listening to and even shared his knowledge of current Nigerian acts and music.

jay electronica

He said:

“I grew up with my mom playing Fela… of course, nowadays, I’ve heard of the Don Jazzy‘s, the Ice Prince, the Wizkid‘s and what not, but when Nigeria pops into my mind, the first thing that pops into my mind is Fela which is a beautiful thing to pop into anybody’s mind.” Talking about the artists he’d like to work with while in Nigeria, the Roc Nation artist mentioned, “I’m willing to work with anybody that’s willing to work. Like I said, I’m back home, the music is secondary. But I’m here to connect… specifically on behalf of Roc Nation, bridge building. But generally, just bridge building between the black people in America and back here. It could be Don Jazzy or it could just be a guy in his basement somewhere on the mainland. I’m willing to work with whoever’s available to work.”

Listen to Jay Electronica’s full interview with The Morning Rush here: Jay Electronica Beat Fm Interview

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