Uh-oh, we smell major sibling rivalry! Rob Kardashian posted an interesting Instagram photo on Sunday, leading some to believe his account may have been hacked. Kardashian shared an image of Rosamund Pike’s character in the film “Gone Girl,” referencing his sister Kim Kardashian in the caption.

“This is my sister kim , the b***h from Gone Girl…” 

rob k

Well damn, Pike’s “Gone Girl” character — SPOILER ALERT! — is literally a sociopath. She fakes her own killing, frames her husband for murder, and slits Neil Patrick Harris’ throat while they’re having sex, splattering blood all over his character’s presumably high-thread-count sheets. That is who Rob just compared his sister to.

rob k1

The Kardashian sibs’ relationship has been rumored to be strained ever since he skipped out on her wedding to Kanye West at the last minute back in May – yes they covered it up and s
aid everything was cool but it looks it wasn’t so cool after all. But they’re siblings – surely this is something they could sort out right? We’re sure it won’t be long before we get more details on this sibling rivalry and find out whether Rob K’s account was truly hacked.

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