An article via Washington Post has described her talent thus: “TK Wonder sits somewhere between M.I.A. and Flying Lotus, with Taylor Mcferrin contributing a special brand of spaceship electro beats. Rhymewise, TK’s ability to spit at aggressive tempos is rivaled by few of her contemporaries, and she’s got that killer combination of looks and skills that the game is sorely missing” 

This beautiful Femcee whose singing is reportedly just as good as her rhyming simply dazzles in this Sunglass hut  photo shoot with her fellow style star, twin sister Cipriana who in their web site, wrote:

We have been eagerly anticipating the announcement of our collaboration with Sunglass Hut for their Soft Fun Trend “Start with the Shades”. Shot by Raul Mandru and Mihai Botarel of creative agency Raul X Mihai, with music by my twin sister; TK Quann aka TK Wonder & Kissey Asplund on production, TK and I were invited to style ourselves coordinating with some amazing selections from Sunglass Hut. Watch below as we show you our Soft Fun Trend, “Start with the Shades. We think you will love!”

The Brooklyn based identical twins Takenya ( electronic singer-songwriter TK Wonder) and Cipriana Quann are known for their big, natural locks and together they weild a unique style of dressage which  set their looks apart from the rest.

See photos below:










fabmagazineonline_sunglasshut_quann sisters







Watch the video reel


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