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  • Rihanna donates $1.75 million to ‘The Queen Elizabeth hospital’ in honour of her grand-ma.

    ri 4 Barbados breed pop-star , Rihanna donated $1.75 million  to ‘The Queen Elizabeth hospital ‘ in Bridge town, Barbados  which she visited on Saturday 22nd of December 2012 with her mother , Monica Fenty and Gran-pa, Lional, in honour of her late Grandmother Clara Brathwaite , also known as “gran gran dolly” from her (Rihanna) tweets , who died of cancer June 2012.    ri 2

    The donation came from the Clara Lional foundation named for her grand-parents, Lional Brathwaite and late grand-ma, Clara Brathwaite.

    During the visit on Saturday; the radio therapy wing was renamed ‘The Clara Brathwaite centre’ for Oncology and Nuclear medicine.

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    The 24’year old pop-star who was very pleased said  “I believe that this will have a huge impact on the people of Barbados”, “this was all done in effort to save lives or at least extend it and I thank you all for being a part of it”.



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    Way to go Ri-Ri, you definitely got into the Christmas spirit of giving; and you did it perfectly well.

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