moss-champagne-coupeWhen you are a supermodel there is no limit to the things that can be done because and for you – getting a wax statue, your red carpet outfits placed in a museum and also getting a champagne glass modeled after your left breast. This is how supermodel Kate Moss rolls.

For 25 years Kate Moss has ruled the runway, magazine covers and ad campaigns. The supermodel who has evolved over the years is celebrating her 25 years of modeling and so far she has appeared on Playboy and had a collaboration with high fashion brand Topshop.

Now it seems Kate Moss has taken on a new project that is quite interesting to say the least. Mayfair restaurant 34 has made a champagne coupe (or saucer) based on Moss’ left breasts according to Vogue UK.

“I was excited to participate in this project, what an honor to be alongside Marie Antoinette – she was a very intriguing and mischievous character,” says Kate Moss. Allegedly Marie Antoinette’s left breast was the model for the first champagne coupe.

Is there anything out of the ordinary in this? Or it’s just another day in the FAB life of a supermodel?

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