Despite a flourishing fashion and entertainment industry and booming middle class, Nigeria has ranked as the 20th saddest place to live in the whole world according to the Legatum Prosperity Index.

In its analysis, Forbes Magazine stated: “The best of the worst, Nigeria ranks 123rd overall on the Legatum Prosperity Index. Decades of corruption have squandered great oil and gas wealth, while new concerns involve sectarian violence.

“In this picture soldiers stand guard as people walk by near the site where a suicide attacker drove a car bomb into a Christian church in Kaduna, Nigeria, on October 28, 2012.”

The list of saddest countries in the world is dominated by African and Asian countries and the top 20 are: Central African Republic (1st), Republic of Congo (2nd), Afghanistan (3rd), Chad (4th), Haiti (5th), Burundi (6th), Togo (7th), Zimbabwe (8th), Yemen (9th), Ethopia (10th), Pakistan (11th), Iraq (12th), Liberia, (13th), Angola (14th), Sierra Leone (15th) Guinea (16th),Ivory Coast (17th), Sudan (18th), Mozambique (19th) and Nigeria in 20th position.

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  1. Michelle Spice

    Who did the Nigerians learn this type of ills and mentality from?

    It is not a sad place to live because we have people there not animals. What must be done now are the leaders must start now to inspire and change the destructive course their on and uplift the minds of the entire population. If they are not able to step down and give it to a fellow country person who are able to do that… They have all the mechanics of a good and booming country they just need the right leadership~


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