I lost my mum in November, 2011 in the hands of some brutal domestic employees.

It all started on 5th November, 2011 when I got a call from my aunts in Nigeria saying they could not reach my mum on the phone. It was the Muslim festive period and my mum was Muslim, so normally she ought to have called family members to wish them a happy festive period. Unfortunately, and unlike we would expect, no one received a call or text message from her and that was when we began to panic. Days came and passed by and still no one could reach her, so an investigation panel was set up to search for her, only to discover her murdered and frozen body deposited in her deep freezer where she lived alone in Abuja 3days later that is, on 8th November, 2011.

On 9th November, 2011 I got a call from home breaking the news to me and my younger sister because we live together here in London, while my elder brother who lives in Canada was already in Nigeria the day her body was discovered. I cannot even begin to describe what it was like for us, so I’m just going to skip that bit.

Salisu and his siblings

It has been a year now since her demise, but it still feels just like yesterday when I got that phone call from home breaking the news to me.

I grew up so close to my mum, because she practically did everything for me and my sibling. She thought us a lot about life and living and she was very protective of us, you know like mother hen. She always thought us the need to be so prayerful and commit everything we want to do in life into the hands of God rather than rely on men. She always stressed the issue of trust and in fact this is one of the last messages she sent to me on my blackberry messenger some weeks before she passed.

Salisu Omoh


“Pray and trust in God while working on anything you are doing and not hope. Plus keep whatever you want to do between you and God until God does it for you. The world is full of many forces whether you believe it or not. The heart of man is wicked and the weapon Satan uses to perpetuate evil is man, so be careful because there is no art to find the mind’s construction on the face, so you don’t know who is truly who.”

Those were her exact words to me on 25th October, 2011 and they make me believe she indirectly left me with some parting words to hold onto forever.

They say you never know the value of what you have until you lose it and I really agree with this saying, because although I knew my mum was important quite alright, but I never realized how important she really was until I lost her. For example, right now I really don’t have any mother figure in my life, because no one can actually be true to you like your mum would, so the kind of issues I would usually take to her and get encouragement and advice for, I now have to deal with myself and that has been the most difficult thing for me so far.

There are also some things I would have done even better if I had the chance to do them all over again and there some things I would have done instantly rather than postpone them, because I have come to realize that in life you never know how long you are going to have your loved ones around you, so make the best of each little time you are privileged to spend with them.

It has been a crazy year having to deal with the loss of such an important person in our lives, but with the grace and mercy of God, we have found the strength to move on and just live life to the fullest knowing that there is a beautiful Angel watching over us and guiding our every move…

Rest on Mummy!!!

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  1. Michelle Spice

    You keep on being happy… She will forever see your happiness and stay rested…


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