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Plus Size Fashion Tips: 4 Ways To Wear The Mesh Trend This Summer

One of the hottest trends for summer is the mesh trend and while it helps keep away the heat, not everybody can wear them this summer. Most times it seems what applies to average sized women does not apply to plus sized women but we are changing the rules!

The mesh trend can be tricky to master, but definitely not impossible. Mastering this style can be frustrating for those who do not like to wear revealing clothes, so we are going to share some fun and sexy ways that you can rock the mesh trend without overexposing yourself.

There are so many ways to wear trends, but the most important thing is to truly make them your own.  Be creative and in the words of fashion guru Tim Gunn,  “Make It Work.”

Read on to know how to wear the mesh trend this summer:

Just A Touch

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You don’t have to expose every part of your body to wear mesh.  There are a number of sexy dresses, tops, and bottoms with mesh sleeves, hems, or inserts that are not over the top.  Mesh sleeves are the way to go if you are a little uneasy about this trend.  A mesh hem gives you a peek of skin. It is perfectly fine to take baby steps anytime you are trying out a new style.

Maxi Fun


This style of skirt is simply perfect for you ladies that are a little more reserved, but still want to have a little fun.  They are on-trend without revealing too much skin.  So if you have a modest sense of style, a maxi skirt always adds a touch of class.

Try A Little Sports Luxe

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If you are a die-hard fan of the sports luxe style, then a great way to wear this trend is with a jersey mesh-inset skirt.  Pair this skirt with a fitted tank or an oversized slogan tee to create a chic, yet sporty look. Or you can go opposite with a mesh tee and a pair of joggers, a midi skirt, or denim!

Jumpsuits Are It

image4xxlm image4xxln

When in doubt, try a mesh jumpsuit.  Jumpsuits are perfect because no styling is involved.  Jumpsuits come in a variety of styles and colors, and a mesh jumpsuit adds a little edge to your look. You will never regret purchasing an amazing jumpsuit that you can pull out for all of those occasions when you’re in a rush, but still need to look fabulous.

Image Source: Asos


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