No offense but if you haven’t heard of this current ‘Planking’ trend you’ve either just seen Beverly Hills Cop 2  at the Cinema, or are still praying for a black president of the United States. Planking is the new black.

According to The Guardian:

The rules are simple: you must lie face down, palms flat against your sides, with your feet together and pointing at the floor. Points are awarded for an original location and for the number of spectators and participants involved. You must, of course, have somebody take a photo. Without a photo, you’re just a person lying down. This is planking, described variously as a global participatory art project, the lazy man’s free-running, a “pointless internet craze”, the new flash-mobbing and, in the words of one incensed online commenter, “a sick, pagan pastime”

Planking in Africa

Fun, stupid, call it what you like. One thing for sure is that Planking is a huge international craze that has now reached Africa. Although you can laugh out loud at the pics posted below take caution, 1 young Australian male has already died from the trend and rumors are swirling that planking was used as a form of punishment towards blacks during slavery..

Let us know what you think.

Nigerian Plankers

Nigerian Planker

African Planking


Extreme Planking

African Planking





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