Drifting carousel, heels with metallic elements and a modern interpretation of prim & proper. That’s what I got from the latest Louis Vuitton collection.












It’s a well know fact that in the fashion industry Marc Jacobs has been gunning for the job at Dior left vacant by Galliano. Well this show seemed to give viewers a taste of what is to come if his wishes come true.






































Heels with metallic accents





















He showed day wear pieces in lace, crocodile leather, cotton and nylon. I particularly loved  his modern interpretations of Dior’s new look from the 1950s.















































































































































































Finally closing the show with supermodel, Kate Moss, who by the way doesn’t just walk for any show.

The clothes, the music and the set everything felt like a fantasy movie. I think what he did for Louis Vuittion this season was absolutely FAB!


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