Commercial Director, CBS, Taiwo Theresa; Head Of Legal & Director of Special Projects OMG; Mrs Ugochi Pedro and Director Radio Services,CBS, Mr Richie Dayo Johnson

Thanks to Optima Media Group (OMG), the highly influential company that introduced – amongst others – Premium television content such as Nigerian Idol and Nigeria’s Got Talent to the continent; media content is re-defined. OMG has previously been in partnership with content owners and production partners (including Freemantle and Rapid Blue Format) across continents.

Now the group has announced plans of partnership on broadcast and marketing platforms with electronic media company, Continental Broadcasting Services (CBS) for both radio and television content. The agreement was signed at the OMG headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria on September 26, 2012.

OMG is dedicated to providing satisfying cutting-edge content to its vast and varying  viewership with activities encompassing strategy, content acquisition and distribution. As the African continent gradually evolves into a global media village, OMG’s vantage position extends valuable support to businesses and brands across TV advertising and sponsorship, satellite based pay-TV, infrastructure across television and film value chain as well as audience viewing demands.

It’s great to have both companies come together. We look forward to improved and unparallelled service that will be offered from the brands.


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