Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is determined to keep up with the media industry and is not letting her age keep her from trends. The 60-year-old TV host and actress has released not one, but four covers for the October 2014 issue of the O Magazine and each cover sports a dramatic and glamourous look from Oprah Winfrey as she is photographed by Reven Afandor.

While the shoot took 12 hours, makeup artist Derrick Rutledge painstakingly created four very different and dramatic Maybelline looks while Oprah kept her energy up with everything from her chai tea to dark chocolate to Diana Ross’s “Upside Down.”


The covers were sponsored by Maybelline. Here are a few quotes from the October 2014 issue of O.

Oprah on how utterly unique we all are: “As it turns out, none of us is ‘normal’ – which means that all of us are.”

Oprah on her love of makeup: “I love makeup. I love playing with makeup. I have drawers of makeup. It’s hard throwing away makeup, but you should.”

Oprah on what makes her who she is: “Most people would be surprised to know how much time I spend alone. Not lonely. Just alone. With myself. I crave silence. It’s how I balance out the volume that’s necessary to run a network and a magazine and remain somewhat sociable. What make me me is being able to return to stillness. Like now: sitting and hearing nothing but the undercurrent hum of my house.”

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You can get the October issue of O magazine later this month; it hits newsstands next Tuesday on September 16th!

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