Onions Make Us Cry is an extremely fascinating play. The playwright has certainly captured a fresh style with a mixture of poetic dialogues and a brilliant use of metaphors! Onions make us cry, Zainabu’s second play deals with the dramas, emotions and tensions that arise from domestic violence- a global phenomenon.

The play was nominated for the 2010 NLNG prize for literature and was performed at the LARK, a festival of plays in New York which took place in March of this year. The play had four performances at Terra Culture, Lagos in February 2011, directed by Segun Adefila. Lisa Rothe directed the New York performance, stars of the show were Kimberley Herbert Gregory, Stacy Ossei-Kuffour and Godfrey Simmons.


Zainabu Jallo’s Onions Make Us Cry was first drafted at The Royal Court Theatre London in August 2008, where she was a part of a residency for international playwrights. In 2009, she was offered a literary fellowship at the Global Arts Village, New Delhi where Onions Make Us Cry was first presented. As a participant in Contact Theatre’s Contacting the World project held in Manchester in 2004, Zainabu began to share her work with other writers from around the world. From 2007, she has been participating in the New Writing in Drama Project by the British Council and the Royal Court Theatre London where she developed Saraya Dangana. Zainabu facilitated Master-classes at the Garden Literary Festival in December 2010 alongside Helon Habila. She was also a nominee of the 2010 Future Awards for the Creative Artist of the Year.

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  1. Kambili

    Are there two zainabu jallos in Nigeria?
    Is she not the same as the fashion retAiler???

  2. Onahlucia

    a must see and read for everyone, male and female. Well done Zainabu.


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