In the year 2012, among various trends such as from music, sports, entertainment gossip and news; one of the topics that got the media attention all excited and fans screaming is the British boy-band “ONE DIRECTION”.

One direction is currently the biggest pop boy-band worldwide. They are truly what you can describe as a modern pop phenomenon. They were discovered in 2010 at the British singing competition ‘The XFactor’ in UK, where they finished in third place. Later discovered and signed to Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco records; they have truly showed themselves as worthy products of a long education journey of breaking and moulding strongly at the school of Simon Cowell, charging their way to global fame and setting the hearts of million fans aflutter.

why-we-love-1D-one-direction-28106978-500-500  Their summer anthem hit “what makes you beautiful’ was released in the US ,February 2012, where it debuted on the billboard top hot 100, as the 1st British act to hit number one, becoming the highest debut for a British act since 1998 ( since the spice girls). ‘All Night Long’ their 1st album sold 500,000 digital copies in the United States. Their album is a global epic sell out which accompanied them with a tsunami wave of exciting fans.

As of June 2012, they sold over 3 million copies worldwide, 8 million singles, and 1 million DVD’S. That’s quit cool for a boy band who doesn’t practice dance routines like other boy-bands such as Back street boys, N’sync, 5ive, Take That,B2k, Mindless behavior and other bunch of them.

They are the youngest band to ever perform at the Olympic Games, which gave them another opportunity to perform at the Rio de Janeiro summer Olympics in 2016. The boys are number one in 50 countries worldwide, with 10 million facebook fans and having more than 6.5 million followers on twitter.One-Direction-Nickelodeon


Even if critics argue sincerely of them being inappropriate as musicians for not writing their songs, or playing instruments , or having regular boy band dance routines , the boys are tagged as down to earth , funny, talented, adorable and also the latest “British Conquest” by their fans.

one TOTP-1D_Posters1

In the band we have: Niall Horan, 19, born September 13th, is the green eyes; blond hair in the group, who sings very loud in the shower. He talks in his sleep and can doze off at any opportunity given to him. Zayn Malik, 19, born January 19th, who’s father is from Pakistan and mother was born in England. He’s afraid of clowns, doesn’t like his lips and once mimed through a car window to a fan which made her pass out with excitement. Liam Payne, 19, born August 29th. He’s very good at miming the ‘Kermit the Frog’ voice and has One+Direction2a phobia for spoons (it’s very obvious you will never see this guy taking a bowl of chicken soup, unless he’s drinking it from the bowl itself). Louis Tomlinson, 20, born December 24th, is the oldest in the band and was assumed as quiet when the group first met him. He loves girls who eat carrots and his first time of meeting Harry was in the toilet of the 2010 X-factor UK competitive. Having no idea they will be band mates in future, and lastly, Harry Styles, 18, born February 1st is the youngest in the band and the one who came up with the band’s name “one direction”. He’s favorite food is Tacos, and he seriously hates mayonnaise. A very big fan of the ‘Beatles’, and also tagged as the stylist one in the band.

The boys are extremely funny and prankish in their jokes and plays among themselves, who have said that Niall would die first if they were in a horror movie because he wouldn’t know what the hell was going on. Also, Liam and Louis making Harry cry as they straighten his gorgeous curly hair once while he was asleep. And once they sent Simon Cowell (which they sometimes call “Uncle Simon”) a birthday card with 2 pounds and 50 pence inside.ONE_DIRECTION_4

One direction is a band that when it comes in selecting out the finest of them all you will probably get stuck cause they are all gorgeously adorable. Even if they failed to persuade the judges in  the 2010’s X-Factor , the boys have truly shown themselves worthy artists in their achievement of winning a Brit award for best British single in 2012 for “what makes you beautiful”. A NME award , two (2) kids choice awards, also three (3) MTV video music awards in 2012 , which includes best pop video and best new artist.

One+Direction  Their new album “Take me home” sold 540,000 copies in its first week in the U.S, which has truly proclaimed 2012 as the year of ONE DIRECTION.

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8 Responses

  1. betsy wophill

    Pretty Boys and awesome music what more could we ask for..indeed the Beatles of our time..

  2. winter prince

    @michelle Nobody is selling u anything here, u’re entitled to your opnions, if u’re not interested, fine. its not by force. Nice post, i love one direction, they make good music

  3. DANTE

    Its the begining of another cycyle in the music industry and they are here. Thot they were kinda corny at first but even I have to say, there is some real talent in there.

    Let’s see how they develop as a band and individualy.. So far tjeu Jury is out. Ill give em a 7/10.

    Maybe the next Justin Timberlake will come from

  4. kimberly mcglothin

    i love one direction so much i like that blonde headed dood he so cute i want to come see ur concert and i want to meet u in person


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