You might remember that a few days ago we put up a post about Mo’Hits crew‘s decision to give a chance to people with different kinds of talent – dance, comedy or anything entertaining by allowing them make their own video to the ‘Oliver’ song.

For those who have not heard about the competition or are clueless as to what ‘Oliver’ even is, check out the post here:

I have been following the competition closely and I must say I have seen some really interesting videos; Some good, some funny, some extreme, and some… not so good.

This video below is, I think, the most creative one so far in the competition. I like that it was filmed in several parts of Lagos. It must have required a lot of hard work and it must have also been slightly embarrassing to have random people on the streets watch you act silly. But I’m sure looking silly was the least of their worries considering there is so much money at stake.

If you want to join the competition, you still can!


The prizes to be won are:

1st: $2500

2nd: $2000

3rd: $1500

4th: $1000

5th: $500

Top 10 entries will be part of the Official Oliver video

Top 50 gets a FREE Koko Mobile Handset

Although Dbanj says in the song that you need a ‘bum bum’ to dance to the song, I am sure there will be no penalties for not having the biggest bum. So get to ‘bum bum’ shaking, people!

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  1. Amina

    This video is MAD!!! I lovit!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing, I think I am going to re-post on my blog….I can’t get enough of it, will watch other videos on youtube but I doubt if any will beat this :D


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