While a number of beauty looks tend to look similar on the red carpet (there are only so many ways you can pack your hair) Kelly Osbourne certainly stood out with her purple Mohawk and her beauty look plus hair is our latest obsession from the 2014 Emmy Awards.

Wearing an Honor dress, Beladora jewelry provided by LoveGold, and Aldo shoes, the 29-year-old E! television personality rocked her purple her in the best way possible – by making it loud. Kelly Osbourne (alongside Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos) hosted the 2014 Emmy Awards Pre-Show red carpet and all we know is that we could not keep our eyes off her hair.

Check out some shots of her Mohawk below:August 201466 August 201467 August 201468

Check out her full outfit (which we also love):August 201469


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