Heard not to long ago that there was a bomb blast in the police force headquarters in Abuja. its also being suspected that a ‘suspect” suicide bomber died in the explosion.. BOKO HARAM, has been targeting police and government officials recently.  one eyewitness told the BBC hausa service that he saw dead bodies and destroyed vehicles due to the explosion.

this is getting really sad, lets all have a moment of silence for the victims of this unfortunate incident. may they RIP. check on your friends and loved ones and make sure they are okay… may God continue to guide and protect us always, Amen.

for more up-to-date information, please visit the BBC website.

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  1. Jideofor Jnr

    WhAt A sAd NeWs!
    Well, what else can i say, what has happened has happened. Let the relations of the victims of this unfortunate occurance take heart, for HE that giveth taketh. Besides, those behind this shall face judgement before the Lord. MAY THE GENTLE SOULS OF THE DEPARTED REST IN THE BOSSOM OF THE LORD; Amen!


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