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Nigerian TV Personality Adora Oleh Covers Latest Issue Of Blanck Magazine

Adora-Oleh-August-2014 (3)

Adora Oleh, Nigerian TV personality is one of the four stars chosen to cover the latest issue of Blanck Digital magazine. On the cover Adora Oleh channels her inner fierceness as she rocks a Cleopatra-inspired bob cut while wearing a monochrome stripped swimsuit piece.

In the magazine she talks about her lowest point in life, fashion, the light skin debate and more. Read excerpts from her interview below and read the full thing on www.blanckdigital.com

Adora-Oleh-August-2014 (4)

On if she thinks fashion is overrated: Humm…yes and no. I think haute couture fashion can be overrated at times, but as a self-confessed fashion fan, fashion is fabulous and always will be to me.”

On if her lighter skin has given her an edge in the media world: No, absolutely not, there are certain attributes and qualities that will help you get ahead in this business, but skin colour is not one of them. Being in television, it’s important to take care of yourself in terms of grooming, but at the end of the day, it’s all about your personality that is what sells you.

On what she thinks of those who lighten their skin: “I don’t want to judge anyone, the last time I checked I was still a human being; I have concerns and issues just like everyone else. Life is short, I say live and let live.

On the on-going colour debate in the entertainment scene: “As a race, we haven’t overcome our issues with the light-skin vs. dark skin mentality, so the debates and stereotypes will continue. As a community, we need to stop criticising our own and stop making assumptions on what we think is fact based on someone’s position and complexion or skin tone. We have a bad case of Colourism  in our society that will only do more harm than good to the younger generations coming up behind us.”

Adora-Oleh-August-2014 (1) Adora-Oleh-August-2014 (2)

Also in the issue is a campaign by Blanck Magazine on skin colour. The editorial is race themed and tagged “My Colour Is Beautiful” featuring models from 8 racial groups around the world with their unique skin tones and flawless beauty.

Adora Oleh
Story: Franka Chiedu
Photography: Andrew Hiles
Stylist: Tokyo James
Hair: James Oxkley
Make Up: Sylivia Makowski
Diamond Jewellery: Thelma West

My Colour is Beautiful Campaign
Story/Art Direction: Segun Garuba
Photography: Ola Ajani
Hair: Mariam Sanusi
Make Up Artists: Olubunmi Ogedengbe, Dara Odunlami, Leslie Monica, Kam Lota
Models: Karen Bengo, Rae (Lennis Model Management), Sandra (Lennis Model Management) Manna (Models), Heidi, Rosemary (Lennis Model Management), BB (Lennis Model Management)


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