Nigerian fitness trainer, Anowa Adjah is also the CEO of Powerhouse Physiques LLC. Anowa Adjah is a master fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and all-around powerhouse and in an interview with Boss Chicks, she talks about being confident, curvy and fit as well as the future of fitness.

In the exclusive interview, Anowa Adjah touches on issues such as society’s biggest misconception when it comes to health, body weight and fitness. Read excerpts from her interview below:


On pursuing fitness professionally: I was a competitive athlete since the age of 6. Although, I was very accomplished and had a string of accolades the number one thing people constantly talked about was my body. Even when I left sports alone, it never failed the amount of questions I would receive on a daily basis about what I did to stay in shape. Even though I had a degree in Public Relations and was currently working in Corporate America at the time, my passion was fitness. After juggling a few jobs and dipping back in forth in fitness I decided to draw all my attention to Health and Wellness. I had a passion for genre and a large number of people that respected me in the field.

On her company: Powerhouse Physiques is a Health and Wellness company/brand created on the ideal that women of all shapes and sizes can achieve great health and still remain curvy. We created the motto: “Lose the Weight, Keep the Curves” (TM) 4 years ago.

On Society’s misconception about health, fitness & body weight: Society has these outdated European body charts and does not incorporate all body structures into their perceptions of Fitness. Being over 200 pounds does not necessarily mean you are overweight. What about height, build, bone density?

On struggling with body image acceptance: YES, I struggled with body image issues for a majority of my life. I overcame my personal struggles by working on becoming more confident from within so that the society’s perception no longer had influence in my life. I stopped comparing myself to other women and grew more content with the woman in the mirror. It’s all about self-awareness, reflection, and acceptance. You have to work on being the best YOU can be.

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Read the full interview feature Here.

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