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The social media since the Nigeria Elections countdown has been  boiling kegs of fiery opinions, campaigns and outright vocal madness. Celebrities and social media personalities took the front lines with posts and tweets directed at gingering support for their favorite candidate. Many believe that this election was won on social media and rightly so.

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Many Buhari supporters were vibrant on their Twitter handles just as the Jonathan endorsers ran Facebook with a vengeance. It was a war of Memes and tweets, posts and links.



Nigerians should see beyond ethnicity & religion. A house divided can’t stand. #NigeriaDecides

Jonathan cannot win. Too late for that. Their objective will now be to prevent GMB winning 25% of votes in 2/3 of the states #NigeriaDecides

SouthEast General@iFirstBorn_ Mar 25

Just look at who APC want to rule themselves not ME ! #WeTriumphStill #GEJwinsIt

From the #BabaNowThatYouAreThere trend on Twitter ( still trending by the way) which gave rise to all sorts of tweets from the serious to the ludicrous, rife with demands to the winning opposition winner, to the Jega and Orubebe  trends that where born during the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission ) announcement of the election results.

It was quite a spectacle when one of the spokesman for the ruling party , former Minister Of Niger Delta Affairs, Godsday Orubebe went on the offensive during the event and was literarily “chilled” by the INEC chairman  Attahiru Jega whose response to the assault many still see as epic.

Jega has been commended for his calm disposition all through Electioneering  even in the face of a verbal attack.

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Many believe that the resolute way he handled himself during proceedings may well have contributed to the relative peaceful reactions to the election results from both sides eventually.

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charles novia @charlesnovia · Mar 31

I always Jega cretins who try to Orubebe me


For the Nigerian entertainers, reactions had been mixed. Musician and columnist Etcetra had called out many earlier during the campaign in one of his scathing articles, referring to the ones who were paid by politicians for endorsements as prostitutes.

Wizkid Ayo Balogun @wizkidayo · Mar 29

Abt to get on this flight to cast my vote! Never took a dime to support any political party cos I do this for my people!

And then after the winner was declared….

charles novia @charlesnovia · 22h22 hours ago

Congratulations to General Buhari. Thank you, President Jonathan for true democracy. Your names are conjoined in Nigeria’s history.


jude abaga @MI_Abaga · Mar 31

JEGGAAA!!!!!!!! He is the man though!!!!!

jude abaga @MI_Abaga · 18h18 hours ago

GEJ demonstrated true class throughout this election and shd be commended. 1 wonders what would have hpnd had he been surrounded with class

Congrats to team GMB!Congrats to democracy! We fought gallantly we should concede gracefully

Kathleen Ndongmo @KathleenNdongmo · 18h18 hours ago

Tonight, the good people of #Nigeria, have sent a STRONG message across #Africa, that power belongs to the people!

But in the overall sense, all is well that ends well.

we did it! New V.P. Elect Osinbanjo (center) in first selfie with jubilant supporters

We did it! New V.P. Elect Osinbanjo (center) in first selfie with jubilant supporters

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