So today myself and FAB Fashion Ed Pepper took a trip to Voice of Africa Radio, 94.3fm studios for a FABulous chat about our FAB Magazine On The Road with DJ Deoba Authentic.

Dj Deoba Authentic is so FABulous! Cool and charismatic. He made us feel at ease straight away and throughout the interview.

Also in the studio with us was Rachael and Kwaimina who are currently volunteering at the station doing research, who were again both very nice and made me and Pepper feel very comfortable, helping us to take images of our time there.

Deoba Authentic is a DJ, singer and presenter on VOAR, 94.3fm. He is a proud Nigerian Based in the United Kingdom. As an artist he is described as a souful African. You can find his tune ‘Aye La Wa Je’ on Youtube.

For me it was my third radio ‘interview’, not including the nerve wracking SilverBird TV FAB interview myself, Mr FAB and Sinem did in December. I’m not sure they get better in the sense of my nerves always acting up, but I guess you do get used to something the more you do it… as at least I wasn’t shaking this time. Why no matter how much I psych myself that it’s just a ‘chat with a friend’, having a mic in my mouth and aeroplane sized headphones on kinda dismisses those thoughts almost instantly. 

One day I’ll laugh at how nervous I got after my tenth interview that week, but right now I still get NERVOUS. I laugh it off. I’m a nervous laugher. Probably why people always tell me I’m always smiling and laughing, it’s all lies! Haha I’m so joking! I like smiling and being happy obviously! :)

For a chance to pick up our FABulous Vol1 Issue2 ‘Body Beautiful’ double Nigerian/Ghanian covered issue of FABness and attend a FABulous event intended to celebrate Ghana 54th’s Independence Annivery, highlighting its journey and achievements so far then get down the Independence Celebration Dinner-Dance!!

Saturday 5th March 2011
Location: Spring of Joy Banquieting Suite, 80 Lawrence Road. Off West Road. Seven Sisters. Tottenham. N15 4EY.
Nereast stations: Seven Sisters or South Tottenham.

Dress code: FABulous and  Sosphisticated or FABulously Traditional.

The theme of the event: The Independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it’s linked up with the total liberation of the whole continent of Africa in which will also be celebrated.

The evening will consists of live band with International Ghanaian superstar ‘THE AFRICAN ‘MICHAEL JACKSON’ – Abrantee Amakye Dede and other top African musicians, African Cultural performance, poetry, re-enactment of 6th of March, 1957 Ghana’s Independence celebration, speeches from distinguished guest speakers including Ghana and Jamaican High Commissioners and our sponsors.

This Anniversary celebration is aimed at a broad spectrum of individuals ranging from MPs, Celebrities, Ambassadors, CEO’s of various organisations as well as our loyal numerous listeners.

For tickets and more info please contact:
0208 471 9111
07939 509 086
07535 351 722


Stay FABulous!

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