Returning with a new song and a new wardrobe – which one can only assume aims towards a ghetto-fabulous Pocahontas look that dispells all Rihanna/Beyonce copycat claims – Nicole Scherzinger drops her new video for ‘Right There’, featuring 50 Cent.

Channelling her inner Cherokee in a thick top braid and boots, the ex-Pussy Cat Dolls singer donned neon, cutouts, fringing and fur to flaunt her tiny frame, while dancing to the latest single from her album, Killer Love.

The track is definitely a summer song and marks the third release from Scherzinger’s international solo debut. But while ‘Right There’s catchy verses are infectious for the ears, the vid’s styling, at times, looks a little like a hiphop parody of the afore mentioned Disney princess… Not so sure all that skirt, tassel and crop will catch on – paired with those boots? A definite step too far…

On the track itself, I know I can’t help but wonder how fab Rihanna’s Barbadian flavour would have made it, and for the video, Beyonce’s bootyshake would have been unbeatble… That said, it’s definitely going to make my summer playlist and still worth a watch.


Cherokee Choices on the Highstreet

Looks like it’s not just Scherzinger’s stylist that’s loving the Pocahontas/Urban Aztec look…

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