As Michelle Obama turned 50 yesterday, there have been unverified speculations about the power couple heading for a divorce at the end of Barack Obama’s presidential term. Reports state that Michelle discovered that the Secret Service bodyguards had been concealing her husband’s infidelity.

Obama's marriage heading for a divorce 5

Obama's marriage heading for a divorce.3

Michelle Obama at 50

The last seen photo of the Obamas, captured the First Lady wearing a stern look as her husband, posed for a ‘selfie’ picture with Danish prime Minister, Helle Thornin-Schmidt, at the Nelson Mandela’s memorial. Based on the National enquirer, The ‘selfie’ incident continuously stirred up fights between the 21 year married couple adding that Michelle will only stand by Barack Obama until his presidency is over at which time he will move back to Hawaii, where he grew up and she will stay in Washington with their children.

Obama's marriage heading for a divorce

Obama Posing for a ‘selfie’ at the Nelson Mandela memorial (check out Michelle Obama)

Barack and Michelle: Portrait of An American Marriage written by, Christopher Anderson revealed in her book that, Michelle and Barack Obama’s marriage was so unstable to the point of separation. The book is assumed to give the behind-the-scenes details of the Obamas, disclosing details of the troubles encountered by the duo when they were to start a family.

An update on the story informs that, a leading American divorce mediator will visit Washington this week to offer members of Congress advice on ending the “tiresome bickering” between Republicans and Democrats. If the tabloids are to be believed, she may need to visit the White House first.

These claims, have neither been accepted nor refuted by, the Obamas though we genuinely hope these accounts are just mere allegations, as we patiently crave for a response from the golden couple.

Listen to Obama’s speech at the Nelson Mandela’s memorial below;

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