Tracy Reese was packed to capacity as everyone and their mother were in attendance.








As I took my seat I watched the fashion mavens filing it and that was just as exciting as the actual show. June Ambrose, Constance White, Marielle Bobo, Tai Beauchamp, Erica Goodman and S.Tia Brown were all in attendance (If you don’t know who they are you are out of the loop





The collection was trend on with Sheers, Ladylike, Neons, Stirpes and Floral Prints taking us from the most beautiful beaches all over the world to cocktails in the most fab restaurants all over the world. Forecasting: peaches and corals are back en vogue for next spring. Sidebar: Some of the cutest fascinators and demure hats are showing up on the runways including Tracy Reese. You need to raid your grandmother’s house now  for a little something to top off your ensemble.







 Review was given by Renessta Olds


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