The video was directed by J. Shotti and Anthony Giles.

BET Music Matters, the campaign geared towards showcasing potential superstars is delighted to bring to you another of its newest acts: NÖNE (pronounced Know-knee). The artist’s upbeat video, “Miss Celie” expresses her profound love for make up.

Prior to the release, NÖNE had been actively involved in major projects. The Memorial Day Weekend Gay Pride in May was one of them. The Gay community has had intense impact on the songstress and her music and to this, she would admit: ‘They just taught me how to be a fierce lady’. She was also guest of honor at the 10th year of FIBO in Fire Island and this September, the 25th, NÖNE will be performing her next single, “How 2 Treat Ya” and “The Impossible”

Growing up in a society that wasn’t so receptive of her very different nature, NÖNE learnt to create her own world through music and around it.


Although the performing artist strongly believes that living those years at Ravenswood Housing Projects in Long Island City, New York, helped shape her so uniquely for the music she naturally offers today.






Enjoy the new video Miss Celie below:

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