Jhene Aiko released her highly anticipated debut album, Souled Out, last September, but since then she’s been relatively quiet yesterday saw her break her silence with a new record, which picks up where her liquid-y smooth LP left off. “Living Room Flow” sounds like it could have easily landed on the debut.

jhene aiko1

Debuted on her personal SoundCloud account, produced by The Fisticuffs, and written entirely by Ms. Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, “Living Room Flow” is a tranquil R&B slow jam that’s got sex written all over it, and we’re talking no strings attached kind of sex. With lyrics like “I don’t have to stay til mornin’”, “I don’t have to pack no clothes”, or “We finished and I will go” splashed in there, we’re sure this sultry song will be an anthem for those ‘friends with benefits’ type of relationships.

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