SulgerBuelLovell Catalogue October 6th-11Black History Month in the UK brings with it another cultural initiative in the shape of a brand new art gallery in London specialising in contemporary African art. The gallery  is conveniently located close to the Tate Modern in the setting of a Bankside loft. The inaugural exhibition, OF(F) AFRICA, will open in London on 13 October 2014.

Collector, Christian Sulger-Buel and gallerist, Tamzin Lovell Miller, have partnered to launch Sulger-Buel Lovell in London and Cape Town, specialising in contemporary African art. Christian Sulger-buel has been collecting African art for over 35 years, and Lovell Gallery has been operating in cape town since December 2009.

SulgerBuelLovell Catalogue October 6th-3

SulgerBuelLovell Catalogue October 6th-2Sulger-Buel Lovell is positioned as part of a new approach in understanding the trajectories of contemporary African art and its relationship with the cultural heritage of Africa. It focuses on the challenges that artists are confronting in the urban environment of contemporary Africa where art is a configuration of local, regional and intercontinental ideas and practices.

In the process of social and cultural change in Africa, Sulger-Buel Lovell is determined to highlight the increasing interconnection of artists through the process of globalisation, and exhibit the new emerging talents.

This inaugural exhibition has selected three artists that offer diverse positioning in their modes of artistic expression and yet are bound by the overlapping circumstances of locality that provides a lens through which to approach both their commonalities and divergences  Ralph Zaman, Vivien Kohler and Abdulrazaq Awofeso.

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both Ralph Ziman and Vivien Kohler were born in South Africa, although Ralph Ziman has relocated from one continent to another to reside at venice beach, California whereas Vivien Kohler moved from Cape Flats in Cape Town (a designated urban zone for South Africans denoted as “coloured” during the enforcement of the Apartheid regime until 1994) to Johannesburg.

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Abdulrazaq Awofeso is a Nigerian trained at Yaba College of Technology who moved to Johannesburg then back again to Lagos. thus all three artists are positioned by their experiences and practice in relation to the localities of South Africa but also are differentiated by their temporal movements to and from it, giving very different perspectives and responses.SulgerBuelLovell Catalogue October 6th-4

SulgerBuelLovell Catalogue October 6th-5

SulgerBuelLovell Catalogue October 6th-9

Opening Hours during Exhibitions

Tuesday – Friday

10am – 6pm

10am – 4pm

Outside of exhibition times, by appointment

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