Now I’ve been seeing these tweets around so much that I had to blog it. It got to the point I was like ok this is a FAB sign. So here are the tweets that allegedly were tweeted by Rihanna and a fan. I say “allegedly” because I have not scrolled through Riri’s tweets myself…


Now, I don’t know what @NinyaBella’s  problem is. I guess its a good thing she doesn’t know me because she would stay having a problem with my hair. But when I saw the cover release it made me wonder if this woman had ever seen “nappy” before. Because this is definitely not it:

Anyway – that’s my two cents on that situation. Not that it is a situation at all.

What do you think?

Do you like the cover?

Does that hair look “nappy”?

Is “nappy” even a problem/issue?

On that note – bye for now FAB people! xx

2 Responses

  1. Sinem

    I wonder why ‘nappy is such a big deal for some.

    Nappy, flappy, red, greeen, blonde, bald – RiRi rocks anything in style! I think the key is confidence. :)

  2. GFxoxo

    Rihanna has recently been embracing her Afro-Carribean side, music-wise i mean. Loves it! I dont get why nappy hair should be a problem, black people are not supposed to have silky straight hair anyway


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