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Munachi Abii On Dating Peter Okoye: “I Intend To Respond To All This With A Song”


Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Abii has quickly climbed the entertainment ladder in Nigeria and is more than just a pretty face who won a beauty pageant. Muna has been opening doors for herself with her music and talent as both a singer and a rapper.

The gorgeous lady recently had a chat with Vanguard newspaper’s Kehinde Ajose and Anu Tella as she talks about mixing brains with beauty, rumours in the entertainment industry, challenges for a female rapper in the Nigerian industry and more.

She also addresses the long-time rumour that she dated one half of the Nigerian pop duo, P-Square. Read excerpts from her interview below:


Do you think sex sells in entertainment? Sex sells everywhere. I don’t think it should be the only thing we should talk about. it’s okay to talk about sex if that’s your forte, if that is what you do .Do what is comfortable for you, that is the most important thing. If you are comfortable with your sexuality and you feel like you want to share it with the world, by all means go right ahead

Can you quit music for your relationship? I have thought about that. Would I ever stop doing music because of my relationship? I don’t think so. Whoever I am with, if he really loves me, he won’t advise me to quit .He would push and make sure that no matter how much I want to give up on myself, he would encourage me on .That is how to know if it is real.

What is your relationship with other female rappers? I am very pro- female .I love Sasha, she is a strong woman. Eva is a hustler, Fresh Carter is my baby .I love them and we support each other .I know that we are women going through one struggle or the other and I can relate with that.

There was a time when you were said to be dating Peter Okoye? You know it’s funny. It’s just one of the things that won’t just go away. I intend to respond to all this with a song so watch out for it .I always get asked this question in every interview .It’s better to ask him too.

How do you handle controversies? When you don’t have the right public relations, they could be a problem. Back in the days I heard things like: “Muna is dating this person, doing this and that” The last time I read what they wrote about me, was may be in 2008.Every other thing you want to know will be addressed in a song.

Read up her full interview Here.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper


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