For those who don’t know, ‘Meet the Adebanjo’s’ is a sitcom about a family in Peckham, South London. The show focuses on a Nigerian-British household consisting of Nigerian bred parents and their British bred children, their (unwanted) extended family and the old fashioned head of the home, Mr Adebanjo’s constant attempts to raise his children the ‘African way’. There is love in the Adebanjo household, as well as conflict and culture clashes. 


The Adebanjo's

The show aired on the 26th of June, 2011. Go to to watch online episodes.

Here is the trailer:

Following the riots that took place in London, the MTA productions (The ‘Meet the Adebanjos’ crew) put together a short video featuring Mr Adebanjo discussing his take on what has happened and how the problems can be solved.

Here is the video:

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