They are rich, powerful, highly influential and successful business ladies but that’s certainly not all it takes. A woman without a man to stand by her may sometimes by classified as incomplete. Some of these ladies have once been married and probably because of their bitter experiences, they have chosen not to thread that path again. Some others have never been married because they have not been able to hook a decent man for themselves. Despite all the money and fame, Love really do not cost a thing.

Check out some sexy but single Nigerian ladies.

Oyin Adenuga


If there is such thing as the most eligible single girl in town then Oyin Adenuga would find herself top on that list. She is the pretty, well mannered and quiet daughter of the chairman of Globacom Mike Adenuga. Oyin worked for her fathers establishment for several years  before starting up a fashion retailing business of her own which she operates from Atlanta, Georgia. Oyin certainly has all the money in the world to throw around but if only that money could fetch her true love.

Biola Okoya


Pretty, chic and stylish are the perfect words to describe Biola Okoya. She is the child of Billionaire industralist Alhaji Rasaq Okoya. Biola was previously married for years and the marriage produced two kids before it started facing challenges. The marriage has since been dissolved but Biola is yet to find love again.

Tabitha Kwafaja

Tabitha is the young and bubbly daughter of the former boss of NDLEA Fulani Kwafaja. She is super rich and the owner of always packed Amen boutique in Abuja. She has got money to cover for two generations but what she cannot get for herself is a decent man to enjoy all these goodies with her. So sad!

Deola Sagoe


Deola is a fashion designer from Ondo state who was born into a family of money. She started designing as far back as 1989 and has rocked various local and international fashion scenes. Deola who is a mother of three was previously married to Kofi Sagoe but since her marriage came crashing, she has found comfort in her job and has totally refused to ever remarry again. Maybe she hasn’t really found that man that can sweep her off her feet.

Gloria Ibru

cover gloria ibru

Gloria Ibru is one of the daughters of Olorogun Michael and Cecilia Ibru. She is super rich, beautiful and on the big side.  Gloria is a big socialite, easy going and of marriageable age but has not been able to settle down because money cannot fetch her love.

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