In an era where most entertainers and movie stars are going for one political position or the other, Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda seems to be taking giant strides when it comes to business. The actress who quit her magazine venture about 6 months ago has decided to try her hands on TV talk show and she is not scared to invest a whopping sum of N90 million. Monalisa started a self titled magazine ‘Monalisa’ but things didn’t go well as there was a rift between her and the editor  which has brought about the sudden end of the magazine outfit.

monalisa mag

The Nollywood actor cum producer who recently turned 40 has kicked off a TV talk show titled ‘You and I with Monalisa’ . According to the actress the talk show is designed to address pressing and trending social issues in the most refreshing perspectives ever seen. In describing her talk show, she said it is highly captivating, entertaining, suspense filled and enriching and that the talk show is easily the solution to most of our societal challenges. The talk show is targeted at viewers across broadcast and social media platform. Production of the talk show is said to have cost a whopping N90 million and is scheduled to debut on air in a couple of weeks. Big ups to her and all the best this time around.


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