If you are looking for an event with the brilliant combination of beauty, elegance, culture and outstanding personalities: the 2012 Miss Universe laid all that out in perfection.

At the 61st annual miss universe pageant which held on December 19th at planet Hollywood resort and casino in Las Vegas, Noveda was a glittering ceremony as each contestants were asked to model an outfit representative of their own nation.

Here are some excellent outfits from the beauty Queens:

  • Miss Venezuela, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero wore a box of chocolate on her head, with her boots, skirt and shoulders all made of delicious chocolate pieces.

un miss tag 1


  • Miss Thailand ,Farida waller on stage at the 2012,



  • Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam .



  • Miss Israel, Lina Makihuni marked her Jewish identity with an oversized star of David resting on her cleavage and some interesting gold drapery hanging from her arms.

un miss 2


  • Miss British Virgin Islands, Abigail Hyndman.329235-miss-british-virgin-islands-abigail-hyndman-performs-onstage-at-the-20


  • Miss Costa Rica, Nazareth Cascante 329233-miss-costa-rica-cascante-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-na


  • Miss Nigeria, Isabella Agbor Aguk, appearing in a colorful yellow and lime looking Cross-River outfit.un miss 3


  • Miss Brazil, Gabriela Markus. 329232-miss-brazil-markus-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-national


  • Miss Cayman Islands, Lindsay Japal. 329230-miss-cayman-islands-japal-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-n


  • Miss Guam, Alyssa Cruz Aguero, used her country’s oysters to make a skimpy bikini bottom.

uni miss 6


  • Miss Italy, Grazia pinto 329227-miss-italy-pinto-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-national-c


  • Miss New Zealand, Talia Bennett.329226-miss-new-zealand-bennett-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-na


  • Miss Denmark, Josefine Hewitt, choose the little mermaid, for her national outfit inspiration.un miss 7
  • Miss Lithuania, Greta Mikalauskyte.329222-miss-lithuania-mikalauskyte-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe


  • Miss Ecuador, Carolina Perez.329221-miss-ecuador-perez-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-national


  • Miss Canada, Adwoa Yamoah, celebrated the multiculturalism of Canada by including flags representing its immigrants.un miss 8


  • Miss Aruba, Liza Helder.329220-miss-aruba-liza-helder-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-nati


  • Miss Greece, Vasiliki Tsirogianni.329219-miss-greece-tsirogianni-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-nat


  • Miss Mexico, Karina Gonzalez invoked her country with massive ancient symbols crafted from peacock, feather, sliver, rhinestones and sequins.un miss 9


  • Miss India, Ruhi Singh. 329218-miss-india-singh-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-national-c


  • Miss Indonesia, Maria Selena.329217-miss-indonesia-selena-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-natio


  • Miss Netherland, Nathalie den Dekker, showed off Holland’s famous windmills with pin wheels on her shoulders.un miss 10


  • Miss Korea, Sung-hye Lee. 329215-miss-korea-lee-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-national-cos


  • Miss Japan, Ayako Hara.329214-miss-japan-hara-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-national-co


  • Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, dressed up as the statue of Liberty.un miss 11


  • Miss Malaysia, Kimberley Leggett.329213-miss-malaysia-leggett-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-natio


  • Miss Jamaica, Chantal Zaky.



  • Miss Bolivia, Yessica Mouton, created an exotic number that evokes the patuju her country’s national flower.un miss 12


  • Miss Kosova, Diana Audiu. 329210-miss-kosovo-avdiu-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-universe-national-


  • Miss China, Xu Jidan, honored the ching dynasty with its embroidered lotus and dragon. un miss 13


  • Miss Bahamas, Celeste Marshall.329211-miss-bahamas-celeste-marshall-performs-onstage-at-the-2012-miss-univer


  • Miss Great Britain,21 year old, Cardiff University psychology student, Holly Hale, wore a superhero costume with the union Jack featuring  prominently in the design



Send us comments at FAB on which costume was your favorite.

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9 Responses

  1. merceeo

    My favourite costume has to be number one – MISS VENEZUELA but I love miss Nigeria costume tho.. just be patriotic.. *wink*

  2. alyssa

    i want ms. philippines .
    but it is okay because she won the title of ms. universe 1st runner-up …

  3. Skeed

    I’ll go with miss south africa, costume is simple and nice. She looks so beautiful

  4. winter prince

    I’ll go with miss great britain, love the superhero costume look. 🙂

  5. Anu Bialose

    thanks guys for the lovely comments , but my favourite will be Miss China, now that’s an outfit i don’t mind having. its something that should be on a magazine cover. very vouglish and elegant . i love it.

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