With Milan fashion week over and the last batch of shows starting tomorrow during Paris Fashion Week, I have decided to give you a highlight of one the craziest weeks in my calender.














Dolce & Gabbana brought to us back to Sicily, in Italy with vegetable inspired prints and colours on a 50s silhouette. The dresses molded the curves of the body, as Dolce and Gabbana dresses usually do. The finale Swarovski pieces at the end definitely put the icing on the cake with its embroidered bustier. It was like a parade of fire works.


Over at Gucci was an art deco theme, Frida Giannini (the designer) showed black graphics on white and gold blazers over tall high waited pants. The dresses, which were in intervals between the pant suits were a homage to the 1920s and there flapper style, again in the same graphic palette.


 Parda took us on an automobile trip to 50s, literally with pleated dresses, half tops and pencil skirts in prints of a convertible cars. The collection was very fun and upbeat for next spring.



















Missoni created the perfect summer night out outfit for a Spanish holiday, with ruffled tiers and fringe pieces. From the successful collaboration with target to the python-maina of last season and now this, Missoni seems to be having a bright future ahead.



















Finally Milan Fashion Week ended with the Giorgio Armani collection. Mr Armani shows a  nipped in waist silhouette in lush colours of blue and sapphire(no it’s not the same colour) done under beautiful embroidered jackets.

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