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Actress Mila Kunis has finally confirmed all suspicions  that she and  actor Ashton Kutcher are husband and wife.

After much prodding on the  James Corden‘s new chat show, the 31 year old Book Of Eli actress showed her wedding band revealing her marital status.

Mila is the first guest, after Forest Gump actor Tom Hanks, on Corden’s The Late Late Show, which goes live on Monday night.


When Ashton posted a family holiday card signed, ‘The Kutchers’ last Christmas, the wag of suspicion grew more intense.

T.V. host James  Corden was hell -bent  on getting Mila to confess the truth about her relationship with the Two And A Half Men star and she kept saying ‘Maybe’ until….

Well, a FAB congratulations to Mr and Mrs Kutcher in arrears, but we guessed right after all didn’t we?

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